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  • Hanging stockings out at Christmas comes from the Dutch custom of leaving shoes packed with food for St Nicholas's donkeys. He would leave small gifts in return.
  • Boxing Day gets its name from all the money collected in church alms-boxes for the poor.
  • According to tradition, you should eat one mince pie on each of the 12 days of Christmas to bring good luck.
  • It's technically illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day in England. In the 17th century, Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas pudding, mince pies and anything to do with gluttony. The law has never been rescinded.
  • The Yule Log was originally an entire tree that was carefully chosen and brought into the house with great ceremony and burned over the 12 days of Christmas.
  • The chances of a White Christmas this year are just 1 in 10 for England and Wales, and 1 in 6 for Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • There will be approximately 6 million rolls of sellotape sold in the UK in the run up to Christmas
  • The abbreviation Xmas isn't irreligious. The letter X is a Greek abbreviation for Christ.
  • For a christmas to be officially classified as “white” a single snow flake needs to be observed falling in the 24 hours of 25th December on the rooftop of the Met Office HQ in London.
  • The bestselling Christmas single ever is Bing Crosby's White Christmas, shifting over 50 million copies worldwide since 1942.
  • Father Christmas has different names around the world - Kriss Kringle in Germany, Le Befana in Italy, Pere Noel in France and Deushka Moroz (Grandfather Frost) in Russia.
  • The average Brit consumes around 7,000 calories on Christmas day, and you'll reach your recommended daily allowance at about 2pm.
  • ALTHOUGH now mostly vegetarian, in Victorian times, mince pies were made with beef and spices.
  • MANY parts of the Christmas tree can actually be eaten, with the needles being a good source of Vitamin C.
  • SINCE 1947 Oslo has sent an Xmas tree to London to thank us for our help in the Second World War.
  • GOLD-wrapped chocolate coins commemorate St Nicholas who gave bags of gold coins to the poor.

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