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10 things that only happen at Christmas

We’ve all had enough Christmases to know what to expect come the big day. With dad in a mince pie coma from 1pm, mum fretting over the Christmas dinner and the dog covered in glitter for the foreseeable future, even the tiniest of traditions add to that warm, homely feeling at Christmas.

And while it may feel like yours is the only family that argues over crackers and gets woken up by unnaturally excitable children at 4am, we can promise you you’re not alone. Any of our top ten things that only happen at Christmas sound familiar?

Every hot drink consumed in the month of December will have a splash of Baileys in it.

Because if you can’t make your Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate a little boozy at Christmas, when can you?

Somebody’s present goes missing and suddenly the whole family are suspects.

Until someone finds it under the couch.

After savouring every last drop for months, you suddenly have five new fragrances.

From Azzaro Wanted to Boss Femme, you’ll smell like a rainbow for the rest of the year. Winner!

Mum says, ‘It’s amazing how long it takes to cook, and how quickly it gets eaten.’

We’re not slowing down on Christmas dinner for anybody, get it?

The family gets weirdly attached to one of the kids’ new toys.

Somebody do Itty Bitty Boo Bear Suit a plate of Christmas dinner, please.

You spend days trying to decipher who ‘Sarah and Dave’ are that sent you a Christmas card.

Who are these mysterious well-wishers? What if they’re expecting a card in return?

Chocolate for breakfast becomes completely normal.

Cadbury’s Buttons instead of cereal? Why not.

You apply glitter EVERYWHERE.

And nobody can judge you for it. Face, hair, body… Stardust by Beauty Boulevard will have you shimmering beautifully!

You seriously consider the fact that you may have a cheese hangover.

After demolishing the brie, stilton, gouda and camembert, something doesn’t feel right.

Someone cracks open the Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne before 10am.

And it’ll probably be grandma. It’s allowed!

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