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6 essential products to factor into your holiday beauty routine

Things are heating up out there, which can mean only one thing – it’s almost time to escape the UK for a week or two of glorious sunshine, cocktails and fabulously bronzed skin!

But what changes should you make to your beauty routine while you’re away? It can be tempting – and easier – to chuck everything you’d usually use into your suitcase and be done with it, but your skin will thank you for a little extra time spent on carefully crafting the ultimate holiday beauty kit. Plus, you’ll look like a fresh-faced, dewy goddess in the obligatory Facebook holiday photo.

While lashings of suncream and a dip in the pool might convince you otherwise, sitting in the sun for long periods of time is going to dry your skin up. Think of yourself as a juicy grape – left unattended in the heat, it’ll lose water and shrivel up into a not-so-juicy raisin. Your skin will lose large quantities of water in the same way, so take some intensely moisturising products. Prep hair and skin even before you jet off with the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Miracle Oil, infused with Tsubaki oil for ultra-hydrating effects, and make sure you pack a Beauty Pro Collagen Set as an added boost while you’re away. Its Nourishing Sheet Mask is a saviour for dry, thirsty skin.

Take the time to cleanse that holiday skin, too – and no, it won’t rub off the tan! When you’re bathing in that beautiful foreign heat, your skin will produce more oil to combat it (how dare it!) and cool you down. Use a cleansing brush such as the Foreo Luna Play to keep skin fresh and glowing. We love this product for summer as it unclogs pores and removes 99.5 per cent of dirt and oil!

If you’re one of those people that seems to tan everywhere but the face, we feel your pain. However, there’s no need to go purchasing a darker moisturiser that’ll be wasted by the time you touch down in the UK and your tan escapes you at passport control. Simply add a couple of drops of Tan-Luxe to your moisturiser and get a beautiful, fresh glow that’ll last up to seven days.

As skin changes tone over the course of your holiday, your regular blush may no longer do the trick. Take a palette with a few different tones that you can trial as you become more bronzed, such as the Benefit World O’ Blushes Set – including three different blushes as well as a matte bronzer. Once you’ve perfected that dreamy holiday make up look, don’t let it go to waste when evenings get a little sticky. The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray provides a magical final touch that’ll stop make-up slipping halfway down your face when you’re just one rosé down.

Now you’re all set for a beautiful summer – enjoy!

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