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What’s the best age to start thinking about anti-aging beauty?

It seems we’re barely out of the cot these days before people start throwing phrases such as ‘collagen-boosting’ and ‘anti-wrinkle’ at us, but when do we really need to start thinking about anti-aging skincare?

The answer is, it’s never too early. While it’s impossible to go back in time and lather our new-born selves in a coat of sun cream, thoughts on anti-aging should start with prevention, not treatment. By pre-empting those inevitable crow’s feet and thinking ahead, much can be done to hold on to the elasticity of youth and prepare skin for the rollercoaster of the 9 to 5.

There are two types of skin aging, but only one that we have some control over (unfortunately). Intrinsic skin aging occurs in everyone and is a natural product of age, responsible for the thinning of the skin and dryness as we get older which create wrinkles and sagging. However, extrinsic aging is caused by external factors, and UV exposure seems to be responsible for 80% of this.

While it’s tempting to turn a blind eye in our twenties, happily baking in foreign sun with a pizza in hand, it’s a good time to get into better habits. A healthy lifestyle and SPF skincare are the real dream team here, and don’t even think about stepping foot on a sunbed – our Lancaster Tan Maximiser will prolong that summer glow the safe way.

As lighter signs of aging creep in, hydration is key and regular exfoliation will ensure quicker renewal of the skin. Introduce a moisturising cream or serum packed with antioxidants that will create a layer against harmful UV and air pollution such as the Transformulas Mid Life Marine Miracle Cream. Rich in vitamins C & E, this miracle ball promotes cell structure and rejuvenation, and boosts collagen production (the good stuff).

Keep your eye out for a treatment with Glycolic Acid, too – as skin starts to age, this naturally occurring substance helps to rejuvenate the skin and boost that sweet, sweet collagen. The Alpha-H Liquid Goldserum is perfect to use every other night, helping to diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and reduce sun damage while increasing moisture.

Another beauty trend that has stood the test of time is Hyaluronic Acid, and it can be found in the likes of L’Oreal’s Revitalift Laser Renew Duo. This dreamy ingredient can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in just one molecule, so plays a huge part in hydration for a lot of high street skin products. Targeting wrinkles and plumping the skin, the L’Oreal duo is a great way to step up your anti-ageing routine in your mid to later years, staying on top of skin’s moisture and firmness day and night with specially formulated creams.

While it may seem like you need to rush out and stock up on a million different beauty products, what is most important is that you find a treatment that works for your skin type. Youthful, oily skin may not need a whole concoction of anti-ageing treatments, no matter how pretty the jars are. Take it easy, and those fine lines will, too.

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