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Beach Bag Essentials

Your holiday is just around the corner and you’ve a good idea of what to take by now, or so it seems, until all hell breaks loose on vacation eve. We’re all guilty of a last minute panic.

The crazy thing is that we always manage to get through it. Everything fits in the case, you’ve checked in online and any last minute forgotten items can be purchased on board.

However, one thing we don’t often consider is what to pack for those glorious days at the beach. In most cases, we spend that much time fantasising about that first dip in the cool blue ocean, that being prepared for such events is not at the top of our agenda.

To give you a helping hand for your day on the sand, we’ve compiled a list of 5 beach bag essentials, hand picked to make your experience the best it can be:

1. Fiorelli Sunglasses:

Arguably the holy grail of holiday essentials, sunglasses are first on our list for a reason. We don’t need to stress the importance of including these in your beach bag, it’s just a given that you should have a pair with you at all times. Yes, there is the obvious bonus of protection from the sun, but what’s a selfie without a stylish pair of sun specs?

If you’ve not yet equipped yourself with said asset, do not fear, you’ll find Fiorelli Ladies Sunglasses on board all our flights. As well as being on top of the latest trends, you’ll be making a saving as these eye-catching oversized sunnies are priced at just £29.50. They’re the perfect pair of holiday shades, boasting gold and diamond detailing, thus adding effortless glamour to your holiday style. They even come with a coordinating Fiorelli case!

2. Pom Pom Speakers:

If, like us, you spend hours prepping the perfect holiday playlist ahead of your summer trip, you’ll need a worthy speaker to enjoy the fruits of your labour. How about one that’s extremely light, pretty (big factor here!), sounds great and comes in both black and pink?

The ultra-portable Pom Pom speaker by Vibe, plays quality music from all smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. Should you be travelling on business, it even works on your laptop!

It’s shape and design takes up very little space, making it the perfect beach bag boom box that can be set up or put away in seconds. Complete with it’s own rechargeable battery and USB charging cable, those beach bangers can continue on until the sun goes down. Now your only tough decision is whether to include Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake.

3. Riemann P20:

Let’s be honest, staying on top of your sun protection can be a tedious task. It’s something that we must do, but we’re all guilty of letting time slip by without topping up; not to mention the headache from choosing a ‘good one’.

Enter Riemann P20 Sun Protection, a quick drying, clear spray with photostable UVA and UVB filters, suitable for the whole family. Offering 10 hours of sun protection with only one application (aka more time in the sea), it does exactly what it says on the tin, or should we say bottle. P20 also promises to be water resistant for up to 80 minutes in the water.

Need we say more?

You can add this little gem to your beach bag for just £11.50 on board all our aircrafts, that’s a saving of £2.50 when compared to the high street price of £14. We suggest applying P20 before leaving your hotel, giving it 20 minutes to settle in before hitting the waves. Plus, no one likes sun burn, so be sure to top up if you’re spending more than 10 hours in the sun.

4. CK One Summer

A long day at the beach can been known to take its toll on, shall we say, our scent. A combination of sun cream, salt water and sweat is never a great recipe for freshness. But as you’re probably well aware, showers at the beach are few and far between.

So how about this…

CK One Summer by Calvin Klein encapsulates all the aromas of a perfect getaway, with notes including lime mojito accord, lemon, guava and cedar. Inspired by a summer adventure in the jungle, the design sees palm leaves engraved into the bottle in shades of vibrant green and blue lagoons; it’s as pretty as it sounds!
At an unmissable £7 cheaper than the high street price of £34.50, this 100ml fragrance can be found on board for just £27.50; making it a perfect addition to your beach bag essentials.


5. Radley On Safari Canvas Tote

Now, what good are holiday essentials, without the very thing that holds them? That’s right, we have just the beach bag to complete the set.

Everyone wants to find the right bag when they’re going on holiday; it’s not just any old bag, right?
It has to be durable, practical and most importantly, pretty. A bag that will fit all of your essentials, plus all of those impulse buys on the way back from the beach. And if you’re now wondering where to find such a travel companion, it couldn’t be easier to bag one (see what we did there?). The Radley On Safari canvas tote bag is a travel exclusive on board all our aircrafts, at a bargain price of just £10. Boasting a pink shoulder strap, that sits comfortably on your shoulder (think of those long walks), Radley and his exotic plants & cacti will add a pop of colour to your look.

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