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Big brands, big stories: 5 facts you didn’t know

We have the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands in the world at Thomas Cook, and some of the most interesting, too. From Jack Daniels to Yves Saint Laurent, we’re taking a look at some of the things you may not have known about these giant names, including where you can get a 240-bottle barrel of whisky – this is not a drill…

Jack Daniels lovers know the distinctive taste of the Tennessee whisky all too well, but did you know you can actually buy a barrel? Yes, you heard right. The brand has a ‘Buy The Barrel’ programme for whisky lovers who just can’t get enough – and who happen to have a spare £13,500 to hand – which equates to 240 bottles. If you’re not quite sure that you have the space for it, though, you can always just enjoy a mini bottle when you fly with us.

If you’re more of a beer than a whisky person, Stella Artois has got the attention to detail covered when it comes to the perfect pour. With a nine step process, the brand has a specific ritual which includes a cold water bath to chill the chalice, a 45-degree angle pour and three centimetres of foam. Or you could just drink one straight from the can, you know, if you’re pushed for time.

For those that prefer a good old cup of tea to a strong drink, Tetley makes for the ideal ethical choice – the brand sources its tea from Rainforest Alliance certified farms which help to conserve water, soil and biodiversity across 70 countries’ forests and farmland. In turn, this helps to improve the lives of over 2 million workers and their families, so the next time you’re enjoying a hot cuppa, you can do so guilt-free.

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Now we’ve always got time for a little luxury, and nobody does this better than Yves Saint Laurent. Did you know that before the designer started his own label, he worked for Christian Dior? However, after a short stint in the army, Saint Laurent returned to Paris to discover that his job at the French fashion house has disappeared, and sued Dior for a breach of contract. Drama, drama, drama!

On the beauty front, Estée Lauder believed that you should “never sell a customer what she doesn’t want or need.” She advised that the most effective beauty routine should only require a few key products and last no longer than three minutes (if only someone had told us sooner!), and was the only woman to grace the list of Time Magazine’s 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century.

So now you’re armed with some extra knowledge, it’s time to show it off next time you fly with us and spot these brands on board!

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