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Top tips to get you through Dry January

After a festive season of much merriment and a few too many mulled mines, January can hit us like a blow to the head. It’s back to work, back to alarm clocks and back to a bedtime on the right side of midnight. But it needn’t all be doom and gloom.

January is a chance to refresh, break old habits and set yourself on the right path for the year ahead. For those that are a mere shadow of their champagne-guzzling selves at the start of December, Dry January is the perfect solution to kick things back into gear and refocus. We’ve listed some top tips to help you make it through to the end of the month…

Enjoy a cuppa with friends and family

A cosy Kenco Latte or Americano and a good chat will have you wondering why you don’t do it more often. Catching up with loved ones and vowing to make plenty of plans together for 2018 will get your year off to a positive start. Plus, there’s no nasty headache to wake up to the next day…

Treat yourself

Ditching the alcohol won’t just make you feel good – it’ll have your bank balance looking a little healthier, too. Treat yourself to a new Stara Bangle or Calvin Klein Obsessed for Men fragrance with the pennies you save over the course of the month.

Make the most of beautiful skin

Your skin will thank you for the detox – so make the most of it! Give it a boost with the BeautyPro Detoxifying Charcoal Mask Set, with a combination of foaming and peel-off face masks. Designed to cleanse the skin of impurities and blackheads, you’ll be glowing while everyone else is sporting some serious post-Christmas dark circles.

Find a new burst of energy

Alcohol can affect your sleep and stop you from sleeping deeply, so cutting down should help with that low energy. Get yourself a pair of Happy Plugs and get running – just imagine there’s a glass of wine at the finish line!

Enjoy an indulgent snack

Cutting out alcohol will mean that you save lots of calories, so there’s no need to feel guilty about the odd indulgent snack. Settle down with your favourite film and a bag of Minstrels and show Dry January who’s boss.

While it’s never easy, this is the perfect time to give your liver a break, save some pennies and set some goals for the new year. And when you do make it through the month and into the pub, that first sip of cold beer will be worth it.

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