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Family Holiday Essentials

You spend weeks planning for that long-awaited summer holiday, ordering clothes for the kids which they absolutely aren’t allowed to wear until they touch down abroad – despite the fact that the new dress you bought for yourself might have had a secret outing to your sister’s birthday party. We won’t tell. You fill up your trolley at the supermarket with enough suncream to protect a whole village of people living in a 30-degree climate for a month and have the packing so fine-tuned that each member of the family has a back-up toothbrush.

However, as all parents will know, family holidays rarely go completely to plan. Amongst the sunshine-filled days of fun by the pool and relaxing meals watching the sunset, there are all manner of spanners to be thrown in the works. That’s why we’re on hand with a list of holiday packing essentials for every situation that may just have slipped through the net.

What happened to her hair!?

Your daughter has been blissfully splashing around in the sea and making sandcastles (albeit slightly deconstructed) with her new-found friends. Hearing her giggle and watching her play by herself fills your heart with warmth, until she comes running back over to you with hair so knotted and full of sand your first thought is to shave the whole lot off. Fear not – a trusty Tangle Teezer will save the day. This compact and colourful brush has flexible teeth to detangle and smooth out hair without damage, restoring your daughter’s hair to a pre-bird nest state.

Something bit me!

It happens quickly – one mosquito bite quickly turns into four, and there’s always one member of the family who these annoying critters have a particular appetite for. Strap on a Theye Mosquito Repellent Bracelet containing a plant-based insect repellent to take care of it.

Everything is dry

From chapped lips to sunburnt arms, the list of moisturising products you might need are endless. That’s where the Egyptian Magic Miracle Cream comes in. This handy tub of hydrating goodness covers everything from lip balm, to hair treatment, to sunburn. Keep one in your bag at all times and become the fairy godmother of all irritable skin problems.

Remember that year he got an ear infection?

As you watch your son dive-bombing into the pool and splashing a group of disgruntled ladies, it all comes flooding back to you. The holiday trip of 2014 was tainted with yelps of pain from a nasty ear infection, and you’ve forgotten to prepare for the worst. Pick up a bottle of Swimseal Protective Eardrops on the flight out and rest assured that ears are protected from harmful trapped water.

Who has battery left?

Whether it’s Googling the restaurant menu for the evening or you’ve got lost on the way to the beach, there’s never a good time for your phone to die. You’ll thank yourself for keeping one of our Rose Gold Compact Mirror Power Bank portable chargers in your bag and saving the day once more.

You can pick up all of these family holiday essentials on Thomas Cook flights and tick those last few things off your list. Then, relax!

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