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Get your skin Spring ready

After months of alternating between hot, dry indoor air and the harsh cold outside, you’re definitely in need of a shift in seasonal skincare. It’s time to emerge from a cocoon of intensive winter moisturiser and multiple layers of lip balm, so we’ve rounded up some tips to help get your glow back and get your skin spring ready.

Put Your Best Face Forward:

Changing your facial routine in spring is all about restoring radiance and boosting skin hydration, without smothering yourself in thick cream. Choose a lighter moisturiser like Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference with vitamin A and sea-salt extracts for a fresh and youthful look. It’s designed to work with your skin’s natural collagen, delivering a smoothing and tightening effect so skin appears brighter and rejuvenated.

Go Au Natural:

There’s no need for heavy duty make-up coverage now that winter is on the way out. Why not switch up your foundation and apply something lighter that lets your skin breathe! Whilst the sun may not make an appearance every day (we are in the UK, after all), it’s important to protect your face against UV rays, even in the shade. That’s why we love Perricone MD No Make Up Foundation – it’s protective (SPF 30), banishes those blemishes and leaves a dewy glowing finish.

The Liquid Illuminator:

Your body needs just as much attention as your face, so start off by exfoliating away the winter layers and always follow up with moisturiser. A little help from Tan-Luxe The Body is a great way to add a subtle radiant glow to your skin and achieve an all over sun-kissed look. With a heavenly raspberry scent and stress-free application (just add a few drops to your moisturiser), illuminate your body for some extra glimmer this spring.

The Gloves Are Off:

 Take time to treat and nourish your hands as the warmer months approach to help banish dry, winter skin. To deeply treat your nails and cuticles, pick up Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream with soothing sesame oil and fortifying Japanese mulberry ingredients. Whether you’re outside, on-the-go or doing everyday tasks, keep your hands feeling silky-smooth this spring! 

Multi-Purpose Magic:

Keeping on top of your skin routine can be tough and carrying around multiple beauty products can weigh you down. That’s why you need the award-winning Dr Paw Paw Multi-Purpose Duo to hand – from acting as a lip salve to a hair conditioning treatment, there’s very little these balms can’t fix! With added papaya extracts, these balms have natural healing properties. Plus, whether you prefer the bold or minimal look, you can use the ‘Tinted Peach Pink Balm’ to add a rosy colour and complete any style.

With spring finally here, it’s officially time to peel away the winter blues and brighten up your complexion. All these beauty products are available on board our Thomas Cook flights, so why not treat yourself (and your skin) the next time you head away?

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