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How to take the perfect selfie

It’s difficult to ignore the rise of the selfie. The Kardashians have somehow managed to turn the selfie game into a worldwide sport, and everyone’s in training.

But how do you capture that profile picture-worthy shot? We’ve rounded up some top tips to take your snaps from a modest ‘I’ll just Snapchat this one’ to an all out profile picture update across all your social media accounts. This is serious stuff.


Lighting is everything, and natural lighting is what you need. Find a spot near a window, or head outside to bathe that fresh make up look in a glowing sunset. Prep your skin beforehand with the Foreo Luna Play to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores and show your skin off at its best.

Don’t over-edit

If you’re looking after your skin and have a modest amount of well-applied make up on, you don’t need to go layering filters over your images, upping contrasts and turning the sky from blue to purple. Use the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer with a light texture that locks on foundation and provides essential moisture, and set your make up with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray for endless selfie opportunities on your night out.

Work those angles

If our camera roll has taught us anything, it’s that nobody looks good when the camera’s looking up. If you don’t want the shock discovery of an extra 2 chins, get that phone lifted up nice and high. Chin down, camera up, and a little head tilt won’t go amiss.

Frame your face

The easiest way to look like you had a face lift without having to stare in horror down the wrong end of a needle is to shape your eyebrows. Well-shaped brows lift your features and bring out your eyes – perfect for that ultimate selfie. We highly recommend the Wunderbrow set to keep brows looking flawless and natural.

Say cheese!

No photo will look bad if you give it your best, natural smile. Prep with Grounded’s Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder and flash those pearly whites like Brad Pitt’s just told you a hilarious joke.

And last of all, relax! Tense shoulders and forced duck faces rarely make for a great look, so do what feels natural and have fun.

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