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Summer Fragrance Finds

Does the smell of a particular sun cream take you back to a childhood holiday or is it an old favourite perfume that transports you to a significant moment in time? A fragrance isn’t just an accessory – with the power to evoke memories, it’s a holiday must-have. So, whatever your destination this summer, make your scent match your jet-set style with our top picks for him and her.

Add Some Heat

For the sun-worshippers and coconut-drinkers it’s all about the heat, but don’t let that stop at sunbathing. Add a sensual scent to your packing list such as Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. Living up to its sultry name, this fragrance combines a seductive blend of bergamot, warm amber and vanilla with creamy coconut. If you’re prone to melting in the midday heat, don’t just apply to your skin – fragrances tend to last longer when sprayed on to fabrics, so try spritzing onto a cover up to keep your scent strong all-day long.

When it comes to men’s cologne, opt for woody and aromatic, choosing fragrances such as Calvin Klein Eternity Summer. With a deep sandalwood base and aromatic notes of jasmine and coconut water, this alluring scent will transport you to a tropical paradise long after you touch back down.

Stay Fresh

If your getaway plans involve more action than relaxation, introduce a hit of energy with a vibrant fragrance. CK One Summer for women combines a refreshing blend of lime and cucumber, while Clinique Happy for men adds some zing with a hit of citrus.

Activated by heat, both fragrances release bursts of citrus notes when you need them most, keeping you feeling fresh from poolside to party. So, whether it’s a long, hot summer or a wild weekender, you can balance out the heat with a spritz of something cool and crisp!

Feel Unique

Want to make a statement with your scent? Pick bold masculine or feminine fragrances.

For the ladies who are off for a week of pure indulgence, add a touch of glamour and embrace your feminine side with Escada Sorbet Rosso. Inspired by the legendary Amalfi Coast lifestyle, its intoxicating notes of watermelon blossom and sweet citrus scream sun-kissed skin.

And for the guys who like to impress no matter what the occasion, two is better than one with the Hugo Boss Bottled Day & Night Set. Based on oriental notes, this unmistakably masculine duo is the perfect travel companion, taking your fragrance from day to night in two handy-sized bottles.

Can’t possibly pick? All of our fragrances are available onboard so you can pack light and leave decision-making until the very last second!

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