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The gadgets you can’t travel without

There’s more to that essential travel checklist than just clothes and a book – and we’re not talking about stashing your favourite tea brand into your suitcase. We’re big fans of little gadgets that make your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable, whether you’ve forgotten your phone charger and need a quick fix or you just fancy trying something new.

From jet-setting workaholics to holidays with the kids, there’s a handy little gadget to make everyone’s life easier. We’ve rounded up our top picks that travellers swear by.

Off on holiday with friends? There’s nothing worse than arriving at your hotel only to realise there’s no music to relax (or party!) to. Rather than resorting to playing U2 on your iPhone, be the one that saves the day with the ultra-light, pocket size Lifetrons Speaker and get those holiday vibes flowing.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to enjoy your music alone – whether it be by the pool or out for a run – the Bitmore Flexi Wireless Headphones are the perfect onboard buy. Lightweight and wireless, they’re ideal for those moments when you just want to switch off and listen to a Disney playlist without judgement.

If you love documenting your holiday and taking snaps of the kids, then the Bitmore HD Aktiv Camera is a great addition to the family photography kit. With a specially-designed waterproof case, it’s the perfect little gadget to provide some entertainment – be it filming young ones jumping into the pool or documenting your own active pursuits. Become your very own underwater David Attenborough!

The gadget world is no longer a man’s world. The beauty industry has been catching on in recent years to the benefits of high-tech products, and the Foreo Luna Play is one of our absolute favourites. This pulsating facial brush is only about the size of a cotton pad, slotting perfectly into that little extra gap in your luggage. The T-Sonic pulsations gently unclog pores to leave skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

When you’re out and about snapping pics to share in the family Whatsapp group, your phone’s battery can take a hit. Get super-prepared with the Bitmore Charge Card and keep it in your bag ready for those red battery dilemmas. And if a few rounds of selfie poses are usually the reason your battery dies, then the Rose Gold Compact Mirror Power Bank was made for you – phone charger and mirror in one!

Pick up a new gadget to play with next time you fly with us – all available onboard!

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