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Top tips for flying with a toddler

Flying with a toddler is a marathon, not a sprint. Despite weeks of preparation and a 10 page strategy detailing every step of the trip, it’s difficult to predict how your little one is going to be feeling on the day of your journey.

In the world of toddler travel, it’s important to know you are not alone. Many have come before you to learn the best tips and tricks of the young family inflight experience – we’ve rounded up lots of advice we’ve heard over the years to help you prepare for a flight with your little one!

Time your flight well

You don’t need us to tell you that routine is important, so give yourself the best chance of a smooth flight by working with your toddler’s schedule. If your little one struggles without a full night’s sleep, then the 5am flight is not for you!

Look for a variety of snacks

Make use of all means of entertainment – don’t leave food out of your armoury. Our Kids Snackbox offers a mix of tasty and fun snacks to keep them interested, from Cheez Dippers to Yoghurt Raisins. It also includes some colouring in tools for good measure!

Walk the aisle

And not as a last resort. A few well-timed strolls with your little one will help them to exert some energy that may otherwise present itself in all manner of unpredictable ways!

Electricals are your new best friend

Throw any caps on iPad time out of the metaphorical window – if it keeps them entertained, just enjoy it and sip on a Kenco Americano in preparation for when they’re on the lookout for the next means of entertainment. Our onboard Peppa Pig headphones are perfect for little ears so that they can watch their favourite shows in peace.

Seat young ones away from the aisle

Little hands like to wander, and with hot drinks passing through the aisles it can be dangerous. Instead, keep little fingers entertained with a new cuddly best friend such as this Itty Bitty Boo teddy – new surprises are great at holding attention while Mummy enjoys a spritz of her new Moschino Fresh Couture fragrance.

Happy travels!

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