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Top tips to pack light when you travel

We all know the feeling – you’re ready to start packing for your holiday and have the best intentions. You’ve written a list of everything you need to take, planned your outfits and laid them out neatly on the bed, ready to be packed in an organised and adult fashion.

But as the days creep closer to your holiday, extra bits and bobs start to find their way into your suitcase. That new pair of shoes you’ve just bought? Yep, they need to go in. An emergency supply of cereal? Essential.

Before you know it, your suitcase has doubled in weight and you’re jumping on top of it the night before you’re due to fly, praying the zip will close. To avoid this, we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks to make sure you’ve still got plenty of room on the way back for all of those amazing snacks you can’t find anywhere but abroad. It’s okay, we all do it.

Bags inside of bags

Pack a nifty little bag or pouch inside your suitcase with all of your travel essentials such as passport, travel documents and money. The Katie Loxton Rose Gold Pouch is a great way to keep everything in one place, and will double up as an evening bag while you’re away.

Keep colour palette in mind

Get extra organised and plan your outfits around a similar colour palette. That way, all of your clothes will work with each other and you’ll feel incredibly smug when everyone else is pairing polka dot shorts with Breton stripe tees on the last day.

Purchase gifts on the journey home

Your flight home is where you want to stock up on any gifts, which means you won’t even have to make room for them in your suitcase (winner!). Whether it’s a new Boss Nuit & Ma Vie Duo fragrance or a bottle of Bell’s Whisky, they’ll never know you left it to the last minute.

1 item, multiple uses

Pack things that are going to double up with more than one use. It could be a sarong that can be worn a number of different ways or a tub of all-purpose Egyptian Magic Miracle Cream.

Keep things minimal

A chunky statement necklace is going to weigh a lot more than a fine silver pendant (and will take up a lot more room), so be clever with the little things. Our Aeon Love Bridge Trio is perfect to take away with 3 different metals to match any outfit.

And if all of the above don’t work, check how many shoes you’ve packed. It’s always the shoes…

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