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Why Fairtrade Matters

What is Fairtrade?

In the words of the Fairtrade Foundation themselves, “we get asked that a lot”.
Fairtrade is a certification put in place by developed countries to improve economic, environmental and social standards in developing countries. It focuses on the long-term sustainability of farmers and worker organisations to support self-reliance.

Why does it matter?

Fairtrade minimum price ensures that farmers and workers in developing countries are paid a sufficient wage. The initiative provides support to farmers growing products such as cocoa, so you know when you pick up that bag of Cadbury Giant Buttons on board our airline, the farmers involved in the process have been paid a fair salary for their work. Fairtrade Premium also provides an additional income, allowing communities to invest in collective assets, such as machinery, to improve crops and yields.

From an environmental perspective, the Fairtrade Foundation provides support and advice on switching to environmentally friendly practices. This includes improvement in soil and water quality and greenhouse gas emission reduction, as well as the prohibition of genetically modified crops and harmful chemicals. This not only has environmental benefits but also has a positive impact on producers’ health, ensuring a safe working environment.

Fairtrade gives a voice to workers in developing countries and in turn, greater control over their own futures. With the rise of trade unions and collective bargaining, the price of a Nestle KitKat may not only be ‘fair’, but actually go towards paying a good wage that farmers are delighted to work for, in a gender equal workforce. This, coupled with Fairtrade Premium investment in education, better housing, better schools and medical facilities, has led to the ongoing improvement of comfortable communities in developing countries.

How can you help?

Look for the Fairtrade logo! Making conscious choices to buy Fairtrade products where possible can have a massive impact on these communities over a lifetime. So, next time you fly with us, pick up a delicious Cadbury Hot Chocolate and know that from creation to consumption, everyone is benefitting.

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